Siryo was born in Rome, music passion comes to him very soon, he was only 7 years old, after listening to the band Europe, very famous in those years, he saw the video song on TV “Rock the Night” and he was enchanted by the sound of the electric guitar “That sound was something that caught my attention completely as a lure!!!! Whatever I did, I stopped to listen to the fascinating sound of that instrument…..and in that video there was Kee Marcello in all its great guitar style long hair and leather clothing, VERY COOL!!!!
The first time I saw this video I turned to my mother and I said to her : ”Mom I want to learn to play the guitar !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”, it was not hard to convince her and after two days that instrument became mine.

He began to take music lessons at the music institute school “Gisueppe Verdi” close to Rome with the Maestro Riccardo Scafetta.

“Riccardo has been one of the best teachers I've ever had, he has a fantastic teaching method, lets you passionate about the instrument and his explanations are always very clear ”.

His first performance takes place at 13 years in a more than original training: two guitars, a keyboardist (used more as a drummer) and a school mate to voice. Siryo soon demonstrated a good student in fact after the first year spent all summer studying a pretty hard track for a music student in the first year: "Asturias" by Albeniz. When he returned to the music school for the second year, Master Scafetta remained not only very satisfied but extremely astonished that such a small boy had all this desire to learn.

After four years of study at the Institute G. Verdi Siryo takes lessons with Francesco Tattara, from which he took the first instructions about jazz, later there was a technical improvement thanks to Mats Hedberg, a Swedish neoclassical guitarist who lives in Rome.

We are in the teen age era for Siryo and here he experiences with his band music friends, for his 18-year-old draws on a David Lee Roth band band with which he performs on the beach in a very heavy rock concert.

Siryo has had the opportunity to play in many tribute bands such as: Oasis , Bon Jovi, Frank Zappa, Police, Europe, Beatles, Johnny Cash and much more.

He participates to the project T.I.L. Theater in the Library, an interesting project where he performs songs during the theatrical performance of a restricted group of actors performing in some Roman libraries.

He participates to a audition with Divae, a very important Roman progressive band to replace Fabio Cerrone, a great guitarist and teacher, the audition was fine but the project is unfortunately not continuing because of the problems the band had at that time.

He lives for two years in London where he has the opportunity to learn about the London music environment and live some musical experiences.

Great experience in salsa music playing with Osmani Diaz ex Bamboleo and Danny Rojo ex Santana.
He is a part of the “Open Mic Rome” staff.